What makes us different

The RPS Family is truly unique. The core of our team has been together for decades. And our family has grown over the years to include some of the best in live touring. We have taken great pride in adding individuals to our team who naturally poses the utmost in professionalism and positive outlook on our business as well as the technical knowledge needed to excel in this ever-changing touring environment.

The key element that brings real cohesion to our family is an always friendly can-do spirits back up by experience in the most diverse and difficult of circumstances.
Our team is always looking at ways to improve the family dynamic even with our clients are completely satisfied. Their is always more that can be done and we strive to find improvement in every element we touch.

And we dedicate ourselves to an open door policy for more likeminded individuals to call RPS home.

Rainbow is all about family. Our commitment to the relationships we are entrusted with is always our first priority. As a team, we begin each day with a renewed sense of making our family stronger and evermore successful. From our team at home to our extended family on the road, this focus is what RPS is all about.

RPS maintains first in class service.
And we remain focused on delivering a superior product time after time.

Those who sign on to do business with us are more than just clients: from the day that our clients agree to move forward with RPS, they become family.


Avid, Midas, DiGiCo, Yamaha


Thirty years of refinement

Speaker Systems

Meyer Sound
LEO Family

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